ofxGLWarper moving the wrapper

is there a way to move the wrapper to some other position in the screen?
i been looking for a way to select the 4 corners and move the complete wrapper to another position so far i found out this moveAllCorners() function in the lib i think that might be useful for what i try to do has someone point me to a way to do this ?

Right. use the moveAllCorners function.
So I decided to implement it on the addon.
Please check it and let me know if it works.

hi so im trying to use it so far i got this :

void ofApp::mouseDragged(int x,int y, int button){
if (selectall ==true)
ofRectangle posR =warper.getBaseRectangle();
ofxNotify()<<“select all ver”;
it kind at works but i can’t keep the form of the wrapper while moving all the corners to other position nay help appreciated

Hi, you dont need to code anything if you use the last commit I made.
Just press the shift key, then clic over the warped image and drag .
thats all.
btw. I am making a small fix to restrict this to work only when clicking over the warped image. I will push soon. I will let you know once ready.

Hey @cyrstem I just pushed. please check the addon

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it works perfectly thanks!!!

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