ofxGem : share image between Puredata/Gem and openFrameworks


I’m proud to introduce my first ofx addon : ofxGem
It allows you to share pixels data (image) between Puredata/Gem and openFrameworks.
The code is largely inspired by Gem’s pix_share_read and pix_share_write.
It has been only tested on Linux for now, but should work on OS X and Windows, since the pix_share* are working on some platforms.
It uses shared memory (RAM) segment, and it is very fast.

Feedback are welcome



Hi there.

Thank you for this addon!

I’m trying to run this in an iOS project, but I’m getting a SIGSYS on this line:

m_shm_id = shmget(fake,m_size+sizeof(t_pixshare_header), IPC_CREAT | 0666);

Getting this error:

couldn't get shm_id: error 78, error 78 being “Function not implemented”.

I read that you can’t use shared memory on iOS. Can you confirm this? I’m trying to figure out a good solution for getting Gem patches to run on the platform.

Never mind, running Gem on iOS is not going to work out since Gem is GPL’d. Luckily there are plenty of other options available for graphics manipulation with OF.