ofxFixture - DMX fixtures control with oF

Hello people! lately i’ve worked a lot with fixtures for some projects in theatre, so i wrote an addon to easily create and manage DMX heads classes. I’d really like to know if it’s helpful for all of you that are working with fixtures, and I’m really open to contributions to improve this addon and add new head classes (as you know not all the people have those kind of gear available for use everyday) .



thanks so much. i will have a deeper look. so far it looks quite promising. i wanna check if i can integrate it in ofxLiveSet, or at least use it in an example.

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That’s great I’ll take a look. Last year we developed ofxOpenFixture, still not public, and we adopted the open fixture library format and library to add other fixtures

This way we could collaborate with a lot of manuals we were studying and adopt some conventions to the fixtures too.
it is possible to import / export some fixtures from some different softwares in their website

I’ll make ofxOpenFixture public if I have the time to tidy up some stuff in there.

PS: This is pretty unusable but I’ve just made public anyway

this could be really useful!

I tried to compile it on linux, i had to add those lines to Fixture.h

#include <memory>
#include <algorithm>
#include <cstring>

but it still doesn’t compile as the ofxArtnet API has probably changed.

Anyway when i will work again with fixtures i’ll check out the OpenFixture format and implement it if there is enough time ( also there should’t be any need to use ofxJSON, as now ofJson is included in oF). Adding ArtNet as protocol as alternative to DMX could also be a nice additional feature.

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Included those lines in Fixture.h and tried to update example to ofxArtnet API (not working yet, I’ve opened a request there). You can use ofxArtnet Legacy branch.

I’ve now updated with a second example using complex fixtures directly from OpenFixture json files.

the legacy branch of ofxArnet isn’t actually compiling on my setup ( oF master version so 0.10, and Debian 9 )

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i saw this topic in the mail and thought i let you know about this:
if you need a DMX ‘gateway’ software - have a look at
Open Lighting Architecture
it has python and also c++ APIs - so could be a good fit for OF integration…
it can send and receive a variety of DMX-Network protocols and also support a big variation of USB-DMX-converters…

sunny greetings

thanks, it could come in handy!

Hello @npisanti, Hiroyuki was very helpful and just added support to unsigned char

git pulled the latest varsion of ofxOpenFixture and ofxArtNet and i still can’t compile,

ofApp.h:20:2: error: ‘ofxArtnet’ does not name a type

if i change it to ofxArtnetSender it says that some methods are missing.

I’ve recently update examples to work with latest ofxArtnet master branch