ofxFileLoader.loadFromUrl in a thread

I’m using a thread to fetch images via HTTP using ofxFileLoader.loadFromUrl. But after the software is running for a couple of hours I always get this same error:

Can anyone tell me if ofxFileLoader.loadFromUrl is ok to use in a thread, or is there some way to background http requests so that my animation does not drop frames when the http requests happen?

This is the call stack:

Here is the thread code:

#pragma once  
#include "ofMain.h"  
#include "ofxRuiThread.h"  
class HttpThread:public ofxRuiThread {  
	ofxFileLoader imageLoader;  
	string cameraUrl, imgPath;  
	bool loading;  
		loading = false;  
		cout<<"Thread init\n";  
	void updateThread(){  
		loading = true;  
		if(imageLoader.loadFromUrl(cameraUrl,imgPath)) {  
			cout<<"HTTP thread: Saved image to: "<<imgPath<<"\n";  
		loading = false;  


since 007 you can use ofSaveURLAsync(url,path) to save a url to disk asynchronously.

That makes it much simpler! Without the thread my project seems much more reliable - haven’t been able to get it to crash yet!

Thanks lots (and also for the vector article)