ofxFiducialFinder not working on 0.9.8


I just switched to 0.9.8 because of updating mys OSX system and the ofxFiducialFinder addon stopped working. It seems to me that it’s only minor stuff that needs adjustments but my cpp knowledge is not advanced enough that I could fix it.

I got hung up on the following line, which is causing an error:

const unsigned char* pixels = input.getPixels();

where input is an ofxCvGrayscaleImage&

Did anybody get the ofxFiducialFinder addon to work on 0.9.8?
I’m on OSX10.12.5


I didn’t test that addon.
anyway, In version 0.9.0 and later, getPixel () does not return char.
It should be like below. you can get char from ofPixel

const unsigned char* pixels = input.getPixels().getData();

Thank you! I’ll give it a try!

@yuma_taesu Thanks a lot! This fixed the code!