Ofxfft source code not compiling in xcode using rosetta on m1 mac?

Hi there,

New to OF and trying to set up a simple project that uses the ofxfft addon with the FFTW3 lib linked too. The build process works save for an error in a file addons/ofxfft/src/ofxfft.cpp that seems to be built in to the addon. The error is with the lines:

ofxFft* ofxFft::create(int signalSize, fftWindowType windowType, fftImplementation implementation) {
	ofxFft* fft;
	if(implementation == OF_FFT_BASIC) {
		fft = new ofxFftBasic();
	} else if(implementation == OF_FFT_FFTW) {
        fft = new ofxFftw();
    fft->setup(signalSize, windowType);
	return fft;

where initializing the ofxFftw or ofxFftBasic classes yields the error ‘Allocating an object of abstract class type ‘ofxFftBasic’’. My C++ is a little rusty and I know that this seems to be a syntax issue, but I’m not familiar with the source code for the addon itself and I’m confused why code for an addon would have an error with it. I assume I’m missing some important here, but I’m not sure what.

The code is being compiled in Xcode with Rosetta on a Mac M1 running Big Sur 11.3. Would love any assistance. Thanks!