ofxFFmpegRecorder with Alpha FBO corrupted output

Hello! I decided to post this question here as the github repo owner has stopped maintaing this addon.

The addon works when you allocated the FBO you want to save as GL_RGB, but not GL_RGBA. Does anyone know why this is and how to get around it?

If not, and the question following is unrelated to the main question, does anyone know what’s the best way to record high quality frames without frame dropping (which happens using ofSaveScreen() for example)?


Hi @sammytsao,

So to encode RGBA, you will need to use a codec FFV1 which accepts RGBA. format in ffmpegRecorder, using setVideoCodec. I would advice to test the codec outside the addon.

Are you able to use the addon so far?

Hey thanks for this! I should have known it was something to do with the codecs. Yes, I have been able to use the addon but I’ve switched to using Arturo’s ofxTextureRecorder as it’s been the best fit for my use case.