Some news about ofxFFGLplugin ? available in OF 0.07 ?
Need help to wake it up ?


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More generally my question is about a way to create effects or sources for resolume with OF ?

Dudley S.

for that, FFGL is your best bet I think. Don’t know about the status of an ofx FFGL, though.

I’m wondering because of the shortcuts posted on resolume.com


It seems to be one year ago… that’s why i was asking about someone remembering…

well I tried to do some stuff with it. it has been developed by the resolume devs, but they seemed to have not much interest in developing it further (from what they told me), so what I wnated to do didn’t work out.
so maybe just fork it, try out if it works or not, and if you can make it compatible with 007?

Right, i was thinking that way

but I’m a newbie in fork/github stuff. Do you have some advices ?

well, look here for some git(hub) info: https://github.com/openframeworks/openFrameworks/wiki/openFrameworks-git-workflow

To see how the addon should be:
Here’s how to structure addons: http://ofxaddons.com/howto
here’s an empty addon template: https://github.com/benben/ofxAddonTemplate

but basically you can download the latest version: http://code.google.com/p/ofxffglplugin/downloads/list
optimally, start a git repository to track the changes you make. then follow the instructions in the addon as to how to work with it. see if it compiles in 007, fix errors that turn up.

sorry for brevity, gotta run.

It looks fun :smiley:

Any news on this? we want to get of into resolume and this seem to be the only way I’ve found so far.

Syphon would be perfect for this, no?


Yes for mac. looking for a windows one.

On windows you can use spout instead of syphon.

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