ofxFFGL plugin and OF 080 on Windows, almost there but

Hi friends,
after spending a considerable amount of time trying to make a simple FFGL plugin with OpenFrameworks 080 and ofxFFGLplugin I believe I am almost there, but there still is something puzzling.

As you probably know I managed to modify the existing ofxFFGL code to make it work under OSX with XCode (there should be a link to the code in a previous post), and wanted to try and get the windows version up and running too.

Now it seems that the plugin is being built, the dll generated but Resolume Arena refuses to load and activate it. The weird thing is that the sample host application that comes with the original FFGL 1.5 download works, it loads the dll and the plugin is actually doing what it has to.

There must be some difference in the way Arena loads its plugins compared to the sample host, but having no access to its source code I’m afraid I’m stuck :frowning:

For some reason the project exports in the dll a lot of functions “cairo” something, I could not understand why and how to avoid this, but in theory they should be harmless (besides may be inflating the size of dll)

Is there someone able and willing to help with this? I believe it would be nice to have this stuff running!

Here it is possible to download a copy (a rough one but it should work) of what I did so far, just copy the files in “addons” and “apps” in the corresponding locations in your OF 080 tree then open the “.sln” file in the “empty example” dir. A fresh dll should be generated, then you can test it by dragging and dropping over “FFGL host.exe”
If compiles rants about missing poco libraries copy the two I provided where the other poco stuff is in the OF tree.

Test version of ofxFFGLplugin

To test the plugin dll with Arena put in plugins/vfx the newly built dll and the other ones if needed.

PS the project is actually being built with VS2012, but the newer 2013 should be fine enough provided you set the compiler tool to version 2012 in project options for both the plugin project and the openframeworks library one (in solution explorer right click on each of them, select properties… but you already know that :smiley: )

thanks to anybody willing to help

Hi Davide,
I just started searching for ‘FFGL openFrameworks Windows’ and I’d like to show my support on this.
Did you get any progress after this post?

Actually I think I got a little further, I managed to make it work. There still are a few bugs (mostly the depth test that’s not working) but it is quite useable within Arena.

I will be glad to post here a link to the whole stuff, unfortunately I have to go to work in a few minutes and can’t do it right now, but I promise I will as soon as possible.

Hey davide,
ive gotten as far as you with testing around, but Ive noticed some other things:

  • dragging clips with ofxFFGL stuff makes it very unstable. Something to do with statics and initialization code.
  • loading an ofxFFGL loads all of dependencies (which are quite alot) and takes some time - which freezes resolumes output noticably. This is the main reason why i stopped developing.
  • no depth testing, very odd, but it never worked in the first place (even with the original ffgl & OF0.6).

But still i’m very interested in your progress, please post your addon and I can help a bit if you want

Also, you might want to check out Spout for an alternative:


It’s be awesome if you could start a github.com repo that includes your project code. This would make it easier for people to contribute. I’m definitely interested in getting this working for Windows as well.