ofxFenster / gui / window size

hi guys,

simple question about gui and ofxFenster.

I’m using ofxFenster to have gui interface in a secondary window, but when I touch the size of the main window (putting it fullscreen, reducing or something) gui buttons and controls are moving and placing as they were in the main window…

Do i use ofxFenster and gui correctly ? is it something known ? is there a solution ?

thx in advance for solving it or advices.


hi sebastien

Often the problem is, that the core of openframeworks is not designed to support multiple windows and at places ofxFenster hacks its way in. This is usually not really a problem. but if your gui automatically registers a listener to the normal ofResize event, it will always listen to the primary window. Because the primary window is the one that presents itself as the only window to openframeworks.

You can solve this by either manually passing the events to the gui from the listener of the second window. But depending on the gui you might have to modify it slightly to allow this.

Or you can just use the primary window for the gui and render in the secondary. This should not affect the performance or stability of your app.

if you tell me what gui you’re using, I can give you some advice on how to modify it to work with ofxFenster.


I would be glad to hear further about the ofxFenster setup to use a GUI (the new ofxhGUI or ofxControlPanel) on the primary or 2nd window (one being full screen).