I want to introduce you to simple, but useful library for beginners who find it difficult to implement controllable cameras in 3d space… Project will later grow beyond that, of course, but this is the start. This 3DCore library at the moment contains only one 3D class for openFrameworks. ofxFEngineFreeCam wraps a code of ofCamera in such a way that 3D coordinate systems can be used in the “right” XYZ order (Z controling height of the environment). Camera itself is a Free Camera, which can be controled in a gamelike manner - movements with buttons and rotations with short directional mouse drags. This makes it easier and more intuitive to navigate and modify 3D environments in OpenFrameworks. Additional effect of movement deceleration is included. When buttons are released camera slowly stops…

If you’d like to give it a try, you can find it here:

Thanks Matas
I am going to try


This is great! I have been seen your videos and I’m exciting for all this!

Thanks for sharing

Yes, I was posting videos for quite some time already and sharing very little, I’ll try to change that, this is the first step :slight_smile:


Nice videos, now I’ll try to see how it works.
Thanks for share :slight_smile: