ofxFBX compilation


I try to use ofxFBX library.
I have downloaded the latest NickHardeman/ofxFBX

After to have creating with project generator a new sketch and import the src of example
When I try compile the app :
I have many errors : 154 issues

all about : fbxsdk
for example :
Undefined symbol: fbxsdk::FbxCluster::GetLink()
Undefined symbol: fbxsdk::FbxVector2::FbxVector2()

best regards

Hiya @lips - welcome to the forum!

Always good to include more details with issues like this:


  • operating system
  • compiler / IDE
  • OF version

Looks like your issue is a linking one. ie: the compiler doesn’t see the FBX library.

If you are on Visual Studio / Windows did you see the note in the ReadMe ?

Windows Visual Studio 2017 Notes

To compile in Debug mode, unzip the lib in ofxFBX/libs/fbxsdk_2016.1/lib/vs/x64/Debug

Also if you are using 0.11.2 on Win/Visual Studio you need to clean between switching between debug and release. This is fixed in the nightly builds ( bottom of the download page ).

There are also some notes about Linux too in the ReadMe.

If you have any more info it will help narrow down the issue.

Adding @NickHardeman ( addons author ).

@theo @NickHardeman

about my probem :
my OS is Ventura 13.0.1 on MBP M1 2021
XCODE 11.4
OFX : of_v0.11-4.2_osx_release

I think that I follow instruction :
1/ ofxFBX in addon
2/ I open an example with project generator and include ofxFBX library.

but each time, it s the same : I have a problem with fbxsdk (150 issues).

Hi @lips,
The libs aren’t compiled for arm64, are you compiling using Rosetta in Xcode?

Thank you @NickHardeman . It was so simple. I have forgot this solution.
It’s solved.
best !