ofxFboTexture for 0.061

Hi there, love openFrameworks, this forum has been a fantastic resource for me. I haven’t run into a problem that someone else hasn’t already solved, (or that has just been due to those wonderful typos or my silly coding), until now.

Trying to use ofxFboTexture for a project in 0.061 and I am aware that it needs updating but unsure what exactly to update. I thought i could just change every use of textureName to textureID but that doesn’t appear to work as it generates a EXC_BAD_ACCESS error, which i presume is down to an array still trying to be accessed or something along those lines.

If anyone would be able to help or point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for a fantastic forum and a fantastic framework :slight_smile:

hi there,

can you try this version (modified for 0.061 with the textureID thing):


this particular version works fine for me in 0.061…

I suspect there might be an improper cast in your code, for example:

glGenTextures(1, (GLuint *)texData.textureID);
glGenTextures(1, (GLuint *)(&texData.textureID));

(hat tip to keith pasko for pointing this out)…

we’re going to move the FBO and Shader classes into the core addons of OF shortly, and should have them increasingly up to date. sorry for the problems…

take care!


Cheers for the speedy reply

Yehp worked, took a couple of attempts, for some reason even after clearing the files and doing a rebuild it initially didnt work when i added the updated files. ended up just copy and pasting the code from both and that seemed to do the trick.

Loving the faster builds with 0.061, no apologies needed as most of the time its my error anyhew :slight_smile:

I uploaded your file to the addons site zach.


Could you change your link above.