ofxFBOTexture and multisampling / anti-aliasing

Has anyone had any luck creating an FBO with multisampling/anti-aliasing enabled? My googling on the topic is inconclusive. I’ve seen a lot of suggestions to render to a really big FBO and then draw it to the screen and let the video cards built in filtering get a similar result.

I’m currently working on a machine with a not incredibly wonderful (but also not altogether terrible) Nvidia 7300GT and when I create a 2048x2048 FBO, I’m taking a steep performance hit. Ideally, this app will work well on a broad range of video cards. 2048x1024 is fast enough, but its not much of a visual improvement from just using a FBO the size of the screen.

So I was thinking that if I got anti-aliasing working on the FBO, i’d be in better shape. Anyone have any luck with this?