ofxFacteTracker2 - how to manipulate pose matrix?

I am using ofxFacteTracker2, more specifically i am looking at the pose example.
I am trying to move the 3d axis in to the right location AFTER i am apply my own transformation matrix to the video image.

I am first scaling and translation the video, to move the face in to fix location, with a fixed eye distance.
Now it would be great to work out how to place the axis-cross in the middle between the eye.
Thanks to @m9dfukc it is kind of working. But as you can see in the attached image the cross is not really in the 3d location. This is especially noticeable when rotating the head in extrem positions.


There we go: facePose.zip (442.3 KB)

ofxCv (https://github.com/HalfdanJ/ofxFaceTracker2 - tested commit #13f08a2)
ofxFaceTracker2 (https://github.com/HalfdanJ/ofxFaceTracker2 - tested commit #35530a7)

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