ofxFaceTracker2 example:'__BASE_FILE__': undeclared identifier

Hello, I am new to oF and currently working on an assignment that requires us to employ addons of face tracking. Having noticed that the old ofxFaceTracker addon does not work on oF 0.11.0, I turned to ofxFaceTracker2. While I have already installed the necessary addons and downloaded the training data file, I just couldn’t run the example codes due to the error displayed here.
->‘BASE_FILE’: undeclared identifier
I’m not sure if that is because this syntax can no longer be applied to oF 0.11.0 or for some other reason. Meanwhile sorry for the noob question but I just cannot really understand the issue:dizzy_face:
I am using Visual Studio 2017 on Windows10. I’d appreciate it if anyone could offer help or guidance.

this is probably a good issue to raise on the GitHub for the add-on - in case it’s helpful, I think (?) you cans do this at the top of the file

#define __BASE_FILE__ "%(Filename)%(Extension)"

or replace BASE_FILE with “%(Filename)%(Extension)”

alternatively, you can comment out this line. Note that it’s specifying where to look for the model file – for these examples to work you need to download the model (it’s about 100 mb and not included in the repo) and you need to tell the add-on where to find it.

more info here https://stackoverflow.com/questions/15509061/msvcs-equivalent-of-gccs-base-file