ofxFaceTracker2: createsemaphore identifier not found

Hi guys!

I’m more used to work on MacOS, so naturally I have a question with Visual Studio.

Basically, I’m trying to use @halfdanj 's ofxFaceTracker2 on Windows / Visual Studio. But I get an error: createsemaphore identifier not found.

Around the web, people just say to include “windows.h” (sometimes also stdio.h), which already is.

Maybe some VS config I’m missing?

I’m using Windows 10, VS2015 Community and OF098.



Did you have any luck with ofxFaceTracker2 on Windows? Running into the same error
Thanks :slight_smile:


This fixed it for me: https://github.com/HalfdanJ/ofxFaceTracker2/issues/21
Check that the window_magic.h file has

#ifdef WIN32
#ifndef CreateSemaphore
#ifdef UNICODE
#define CreateSemaphore CreateSemaphoreW