ofxFaceTracker - position "black list"

love the addon !

i am hoping for advice on 2 issues.

i constantly need a cropping of the actual face which i am currently (successfully) feeding in to opencv faceRecognizer.
currently i am bulding a rect by using the points returned from facetracker.getImagePoints() and find the min and max corners.
is there a way to simply get the bounding box of the face?
currently the haarRect location is only reported at the moment of finding the face not once the feature points are available.

the face tracker sometimes finds false faces in brick walls or book shelfs.
i was thinking it would be great to build a “black list” of face locations or even feature positions and not report a face if it finds one there.
but simply calling facetracker.reset() wouldn’t work because it would just report the same false face again.
drawing a black rectangle in the faces location would block other actual faces in the location.

it might work to temporarily draw a black square in the false location, wait until a real one is found and then remove the black square?

or, instead of using a black square just draw a line that makes this location look less like a face?