ofxFaceTracker (iOS) : Wrong Masking on Face

I am iOS developer, I am developing app which required to track face expression and mask different face images on it.

I use code of “THVideoFaceSwapper” from github. It can detect my facial expression and working nice. Only problem is that it just mask on out of face’s edge.

I use imgMesh.drawWireframe(); for show wireframe of mask image.
Can any one help me how to resolve this issue? Mask should be fit on face.
Any help will be appreciated.

Can you please send me the code through Dropbox. the github code is deleted and i can not try to test.

iOS is supported by OpenGLES, You should modify your shader

do you have “THVideoFaceSwapper” code?

@Imran_Ahmed : do you want the code for testing purpose?
You can use OfxFacetracker examples.