ofxFaceTracker examples compile but only get a blank window

Using v0.9 OFX and following install instructions exactly

Have tried compiling 3 different examples using the project generator making sure I include ofxCV, ofxOpenCV and ofxFaceTracker.

ofxFaceTracker expressions

ofxFaceTracker cutout

ofxFaceTracker overlay

examples compile without error but all I get is a blank window.

I’m wondering if it perhaps is a pathing issue?
In the instructions it says
‘you (first)need to make a copy of the /libs/FaceTracker/model/ directory in bin/data/model/ of each example.’

Does this mean copy the entire directory path ‘/libs/FaceTracker/model/’ into ‘bin/data/model/’ OR just the contents of ‘/libs/FaceTracker/model/’ ?

And I assume
1 This is done BEFORE you run the project generator
2 if there exists no ‘bin/data/model’ target directory you first need to manually create one?

Anyways, I tried every way and still only get a blank window when compiling, no errors thrown.

  1. Does the video grabber example and other openFrameworks examples work?
  2. Do the ofxCv examples work?
  3. What operating system are you using?

1 Yes, tried 3 different examples

2 Yes, created bare bones project with project generator including ofxCv, compiles fine. Then copied src from addons>ofxCv>example-contours-basic to my new project

Compiled fine and works!

3 OSX El Capitan XCode 7.1.1

Using Project generator wrong. Got it working !
Is there a way to use project generator with an existing example but target a brand new directory ie ‘myApps’ ?