ofxFaceTracker error on windows

hi guys,
I’ve freshly install visual studio from unity,
and downloaded the last version of of 0.9.0
the package works properly but ofxFaceTracker basic exemple struggle to compile
this is what I get:

I can just comment the 4 first error they are not really necesary but the 2 last ones I really dont know how to solve them

It did use to work perfectly on OSX and linux :frowning:

error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "float __cdecl 
ofxCv::trackingDistance(class cv::Rect_ const &,class cv::Rect_ 
const &)" (?trackingDistance@ofxCv@@YAMABV?$Rect_@H@cv@@0@Z)
 referenced in function "public: virtual class std::vector > & 
__thiscall ofxCv::Tracker >::track(class std::vector,class 
std::allocator > > const &)" 

Problem solved
reading this post
i found this link:

Just wanted to cross post what I believe to be the answer, if you
open the properties for the entire project, and the change the value
under C/C++ -> Output Files -> “Object File Name” to be the


and its working properly now :smile:


Thank you so much!:grinning:

@peko thanks for the solution!

One more tip!
Do not forget to clean your project, if you fail to compile it.

You need to apply the solution above to files listed as follows;
Open your project in Visual Studio, find the following files in the Visual Studio explorer (right section)
Select all the files listed under this folder
Right click->properties
and you’ll see C/C++ -> Output Files

Another issue; If you run your project in debug mode, you’ll have framerate issues. Compile the project in release mode to overcome this (you need to set C/C++ -> Output Files again…)

For info: My setup is;

  • Windows 10 64 bit
  • Logitech cam
  • Visual Studio 2015
  • of v 0.9.8 stable version
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Works !! Thanks for your help