ofxFaceTracker - can't get it to run

I would like to try out the ofxFaceTracker addon, but all the examples I am trying to compile give me the error below.
I have ofxCv already installed and running in other projects, but the error mentions an unresolved symbol from it. Do I have an older version of anything that causes that?
Any ideas?

> Severity	Code	Description	Project	File	Line	Suppression State
> Error	LNK2019	unresolved external symbol "float __cdecl ofxCv::trackingDistance(class cv::Rect_<int> const &,class cv::Rect_<int> const &)" (?trackingDistance@ofxCv@@YAMABV?$Rect_@H@cv@@0@Z) referenced in function "public: virtual class std::vector<unsigned int,class std::allocator<unsigned int> > const & __thiscall ofxCv::Tracker<class cv::Rect_<int> >::track(class std::vector<class cv::Rect_<int>,class std::allocator<class cv::Rect_<int> > > const &)" (?track@?$Tracker@V?$Rect_@H@cv@@@ofxCv@@UAEABV?$vector@IV?$allocator@I@std@@@std@@ABV?$vector@V?$Rect_@H@cv@@V?$allocator@V?$Rect_@H@cv@@@std@@@4@@Z)	example-cutout	D:\myStuff\ch3\dev\Visual Studio 2015\of_v0.9.8_vs_release\addons\ofxFaceTracker\example-cutout\ContourFinder.obj	1

is this using a sample project that comes with ofxFaceTracker? did you generate it with the project generator? it looks like you might be missing a file that contains ofxCv::trackingDistance or some other issue with linking that file. Also, if you’ve tried on of the samples from the library and had trouble you might try posting an issue on the github repo for ofxFacetracker…

Yeah that’s with all the example files that ofxFaceTracker comes with, updated with OF’s projectGenerator.
I also tried to create a fresh new project with the projectGenerator, where I added ofxCv, ofxFaceTracker and ofxOpenCV. I get the same linking error.

Interestingly, I just noticed a few warnings which I get when I compile anything with just ofxCv. I am not sure if they are related.

1>d:\mystuff\ch3\dev\visual studio 2015\of_v0.9.8_vs_release\addons\ofxcv\libs\ofxcv\src\distance.cpp(32): warning C4700: uninitialized local variable 'bestScore' used
1>D:\myStuff\ch3\dev\Visual Studio 2015\of_v0.9.8_vs_release\addons\ofxCv\libs\ofxCv\include\ofxCv/Tracker.h(324): warning C4018: '<': signed/unsigned mismatch (compiling source file ..\..\..\addons\ofxCv\libs\ofxCv\src\Tracker.cpp)

Anyway, I will keep looking around, since it seems that other people had similar issues.

thanks zach

Actually there is a Tracker class that is conflicting with another Tracker class in ofxCv.
I followed the suggestion at the last message, to rename it and I managed to make it work.