ofxFaceTracker cannot find device

Hi! I’m using ofxFaceTracker with Windows 7, Visual studio 2015, of 9.0, and kinect for xbox. The example can be compiled but it told me SETUP: device[0] not found - you have 0 devices available. But I’ve tried that in kinect studio my kinect is working well.
I also tried the same program on another computer and it said

Besides I have tried drivers from kinect for win and primesense, both can not be found. Could anyone help me?

Hi Eliza,

Kinect devices are not handled as Direct Video capture devices (as webcams and most video capture cards), so you cannot use them with the ofVideoGrabber object.

However you can get the color texture provided by the kinect with some of the available addons (ofxKinect2 and some others) and pass this texture to the ofxFaceTracker update method.

Also be aware that the kinect 2 official sdk includes its own face tracking system that uses both color and depth data so can be more robust, although I am not sure if any of the available addons expose this feature.


It works! Thanks a lot :slight_smile: