ofxEtherdream compile on Windows

Hello there!

I just started to learn openFrameworks and it’s great! I love it. But now i’m stuck… badly. Can’t find anything on the web, and maybe i miss a bit of programming skills for this problem.

Here is my question:
I’m on a project, internship, involving ofxEtherdream. I started coding on my linux laptop, and it’s going well.
Though, the final project needs to run on windows, and etherdream.c uses linux only librairies…

Here is the source code for Etherdream

Here is the ofxEtherdream project.

I really need this to work! Is there a way to either:

  • Compile ofxEtherdream on windows?
  • Find a windows version of the source code? (Why is etherdream.dll exists but no source code for windows is available?)
  • Link etherdream.dll on my visual studio project and being able to tell visual studio to ignore the current etherdream.c/h in the lib folder of the ofxEtherdream, witch is referenced in ofxEtherdream.cpp?
  • …?? any other solution i’m not aware of?

Thanks much, i would really appreciate any help! :wink: