ofxEtherDream & ofxILDA


I tested ofxEtheDream & ofxILDA on MAC with xcode, It works perfectly. After I would like to test with visual studio on Windows but i’have several error with etherdream.c because the code it’s compile on linux.

Have you an idea for work with code on windows ?
Thanks you.


You’re going to need the windows drivers for the Etherdream, probably compiled separately and dropped into place, though you might be able to get them compiled as a part of the build for your app. The Windows lib is here: http://ether-dream.com/downloads.html That should give you a start on how to build that as a part of your app build, but again, it’s probably easiest to just drop in a .dll and link that.


I tested ofxEtheDream & ofxILDA on MAC with xcode, but it doesn’t work fine. I got an error message as below

[warning] ofxEtherdream::init - No DACs found

ofxEtherDream seems not to recognize EtherDream. Does anyone have idea??

My OS is 10.8 an oF version is 0074.



I just got easy mistake. Now it works fine…

Hi cll3m,

Does it work on Windows at last?
Do you mind to share your visual studio project if it does work ?

great thanks!

I’m working with this on the mac and have been able to draw and place some images into it through the render target. I’m a little confused on how changing colours works in it as well as being able to convert vector images into direct vector output for the laser. It seems to subdivide images into even collections of points and I’m wondering if there are others working with this currently and have better ways of drawing with it.

I’ve started playing around with ofxEtherDream and i’m having issues with my network settings/firewall on osx 10.10.

Originally when I ran an application I had written it popped up a “Do you want application to access the network” message which I would click allow and then the app would run fine. But now it doesn’t show this message and seems to block the app 90% of the time (although sometimes it works). This happens even if I disable the firewall. But if I run an application I compiled a while ago it works fine. I’m not sure if it was an update that happened, but something changed with regards to the network settings

My second problem is that every 10-15 seconds my laser blanks, i’ve tried all kinds of different PPS settings refresh rates, amount of lines drawn and nothing seems to make a difference. I"m guessing that there is some bottleneck sending data over network.

This is with of_8_4 latest version of ofxEtherDream and ofxIlda and osx 10.10