ofxEdsdk freezes on update every 15 minutes

I’m trying to setup a Canon Rebel XSI to take a photo every 15 seconds for an extended period of time, using ofxEdsdk. Each time I run it, after 15 minutes (pretty much the same frame each time), the app freezes on camera.update(). seems to get stuck on the first lock() statement. Wonder if it may be related to the threading problems Kyle posted in the issue tracker.

I thought maybe there was a camera setting causing the camera to idle and lose contact with the computer at a certain point but I can’t find anything. Problem occurs both when the camera is on battery power or AC adapter.
Has anyone had any experience with this issue, or can recommend an alternative way? The goal is to be able to take pictures regularly for a few hours at least.

kyle mentioned an issue with ‘keep alive’ at one point (i.e. a signal to send to the camera to stop it from falling asleep). sounds related especially with the regular fail time.

But I think you’ll need kyle to help : )

I had the same issue when I opened that thread.

As Elliot says, it was in my case linked to the ‘keep alive’. I fixed this issue with this pull request.
Are you using the latest version of the add-on?

@smallfly @elliotwoods yep, looks like that update fixed it. thanks!