ofxEditor: text editor, syntax highlighting, file dialog, & Read-Eval-Print Loop console


I’m happy to announce ofxEditor, a rewrite of the ofxGLEditor addon which fixes a number of issues and adds new functionality.


ofxEditor provides a rewrite of the Fluxus live coding environment’s OpenGL-based text editor for OpenFrameworks including simple syntax highlighting, a file browser, and a Read-Eval-Print Loop console. The ofxMultiEditor provides all of the above including 9 editor buffers, so it should be easy to use this as a basis for live coding, scripting, parameter tweaking, etc

Sample Lua syntax highlighting:

Open file dialog:

Read-Eval-Print Loop console:

The only bit I’m missing from the old version is the autofocus zooming which I’ll add at some point.


Akira and I decided to merge this new code with the existing ofxGLEditor, so the original repo has been removed.

All further development will take place at: https://github.com/Akira-Hayasaka/ofxGLEditor

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