ofxDMX and Lion?

hi all,

i’m trying to get some old code running ofxDmx on Lion and not getting the fixture to work.
there’s sopme weird behavior, I get my laptop to connect to the box and control some fixtures through the Enttec utility == which i only noticed existed this afternoon * )
when i go back to my app it doesn;t really work…
the same code worked fine on snow leopard.
is anyone else getting weird behaviors like this?


I recently used most recent ofxDmx with 10.8 and OF 0072 and it worked ok

figured it out - even though Enttec softw works right out of the box, to get ofxDMX working i had to install the FTDI drivers.
now everything works fine!!


Which drivers have you installed? The VCP or the D2xx drivers? I have the Enttec Pro connected to my macbook retina with 10.8.2, and I can see and use the Enttec with the Pro Utility, but it’s not there in ofxDmx or ofxSerial…

hey xhattr

i think you need to instal Virtual Port Com(VCP) drivers :

* )