ofxDatGui ScrollView issue

Hi , I am having an issue with ofxDatGui ScrollView component.
My goal is to create a " draggable window" containing a scrollView, acting a dynamic list of elements.

I am setting the scrollView position like so:

scrollView->setPosition( headerX, headerY + headerHeight);

and it sort of works fine: the component follows the “parent” header, but the issue is that If I want to click on an element in the scrollView, I have to position the mouse cursor at the top left corner of the app window. as if the scrollView change in position didn’t take effect in the mouse interaction functions …

Am i doing something wrong ?
How can I remedy that ?

I’ve searched through ofxDatGui source code, and couldn’t find anything to help me.
I’ve managed to go around the problem by recreating all the scrollView Items after moving the panel.

for (size_t i = 0; i < nodes->size(); i++)

not very convenient … but it works.

But isn’t there a way to add a scrollView component the same way we add any other components ? like :

panel->addScrollView("Scroll View");