ofxDatGui: A New User Interface for OF


Hi Val, it’s not difficult at all to implement a hover event for buttons. In fact this has been on my todo list to implement for all components just not sure when I’ll get to it. You’ll need to add the hover event to ofxDatGuiEventType and create a ofxDatGuiButton::onMouseEnter(ofPoint m) method and dispatch the event from there. Take a look at ofxDatGuiButton::onMouseRelease(ofPoint m) for an example of how to dispatch an event.


Also if anyone is using ofxDatGui in a project I’d love to see what you’re doing with it. Feel free to DM me a link or just post it here.


hey thanks!!! I’ll try that and let you know if I ran into any weirdness :smiley:


Hi everybody,

I am using ofxDatGui in a project, it is a fantastic addon. I have changed the fonttype and everythings work fine in Linux, Windows and previouses OS X.

The problem arises when I try to launch the app in a Sierra OS in which the font is not loaded and GUI texts do not appear.

Does anyone has also seen this behavior? Any idea about how to fix it?

Best regards,


This is awesome!

Does it work with Android? I noticed files for Android Studio in the gitignore, but I haven’t been able to get it up and running. Any tips are appreciated.


I was having this problem. To fix it I needed to copy the ofxbraitsch folder from the addon to the app’s bin/data folder.


Seems quite nice…

Do you have vertical sliders? couldn’t see how to make this work if at all.

Or better sliders that look like sliders :slight_smile:



Is it possible to repopulate the strings in a dropdown? Tried using update() on the component, after changing the referenced vector, but no luck.


@mattfelsen thanks for your addons I tried to include a “loadSettings” and “saveSettings” inside ofxDatGui and it seems to work.
Now I can load and automatically set the ofxDatGui components (for now only slider, toggle and colorPicker) using:


and save all the components with:


I just edited a little your addon:

And added some more code on ofxDatGui:

My code is not super clean (also because it’s almost 4am) but I hope it can help somebody. For me now it’s very easy save and load my gui settings. :slight_smile:


Fun, I seem to have gotten ofxDatGui working on iOS (I really needed a dropdown menu!) by forcing high resolution to always return true and commenting out the GLFW function call in ofxDatGuiTheme.h commenting out all the gl specific draw calls (drawFilled(), drawOutlined(), etc) and the glColor3ub in the draw() function in ofxDatGuiTimeGraph.h.

Of course not everything will work this way, but my dropdown menu seems to be usable and the library does compile! :slight_smile:


Hi @ayruos, I made a dropdown addon to use with ofxGui. https://github.com/roymacdonald/ofxDropdown
It still need a lot of work but it works so far. (it is essentially an ofxGuiGroup that opens on the side of instead of pushing down all the other gui elements)
Try using the newest nightly build as I made a commit not long ago that enables hi resolution to work properly with ofxGui.
hope this helps. cheers.