ofxCvImage and Transforming pixels

Working on some pixel rotation and transforming stuff. Made this in the process, figure that I would post it.

//-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Get Sub Pixels  
void ofxCvImage::getSubPixels(ofxCvImage& input, float x, float y) {  
	if(width > input.width || height > input.height) {  
		cout << "Bad sizes" << endl;  
	CvPoint2D32f center;  
		center.x = x+(width/2);  
		center.y = y+(height/2);  
	}else if(OF_RECTMODE_CENTER) {  
		center.x = x;  
		center.y = y;  
	cvGetRectSubPix(input.getCvImage(), cvImageTemp, center);  

It grabs a set size of pixels based on a image that you create. You pass it a image to sample from and x and y offset. If the offset is greater than the image you get a crazy tunnel effect :slight_smile: You can change the origin of the rectangle by changing OF_RECMODE (CORNER/CENTER).

I’m still working on a pixel rotation to transform a 640 x 480 image to 480 x 640 image. Not how to go about this. I have used some of the methods in the ofxCvImage Class (rotate/transform) I can get the image to rotate but the size is still 640 x 480. I then resize but the image get psychedelic. any thoughts would be great. I