ofxCvFeaturesTrackerThreaded class missing?

Hi I´d been trying to compile the example feature-tracker from the ofxCvCameraProjectorCalibration addon, but I get this error everytime i tried: error C2039: ‘draw’ : its not a member of ‘ofxCv::FeaturesTrackerThreaded’. I downloaded the ofxCvFeaturesTracker addon and checked in the ofxCvFeaturesTrackerThreaded.h file and its true that there´s not a draw class in it. Have anyone of you successfully compile it? Please help.


I’m pretty new to OpenFrameworks and just created an account because I’m going through the same thing as you.

Here’s my half-assed fix (that works!) until someone can get back to you with a proper reply.

I decided to just sacrifice the threaded features tracker for the regular one.

In testApp.h:
On line 36ish, change ofxCv::FeaturesTrackerThreaded tracker; to just ofxCv::FeaturesTracker tracker;

In testApp.cpp:
On line 35ish, delete or comment out tracker.startThread();
On line 59ish, change tracker.getRT(rvec, tvec); to tracker.getRT(camproj.getCalibrationCamera().getDistortedIntrinsics().getCameraMatrix(), camproj.getCalibrationProjector().getDistCoeffs(), rvec, tvec);

Oh, and the image file he used isn’t included with the code, so grab an image of your own and drop it in the bin/data folder and update testapp.cpp (line 32ish) appropriately.

Anyways, that was the result of a bit of fiddling. Let me know if you get the ThreadedTracker working.

Thank you very much but after I make this changes I received a lot of errors. I attached the result list to this link: http://pastebin.com/jC4T412J

Apparently my problem now its with OpenCV Unresolved External Symbols. Do you know about this??

Hello! Any of you could make that project work finally?
of course I am a beginner but I can’t even compile it.

Look like there is now a new addon to use with the example project

I just wanted to compile it :wink: any luck someone can make it work?

After long time trying, I got it compiling if I comment a line where the draw() functions is running.

in “testApp.cpp”:

void testApp::draw() {

cam.draw(0, 0);

    ofDrawBitmapString("num features : " + ofToString(tracker.getNumFeatures()), ofPoint(20, 20));
    ofDrawBitmapString("num matches : " + ofToString(tracker.getNumMatches()), ofPoint(20, 40));
    ofDrawBitmapString("update time : " + ofToString(tracker.getUpdateTime()) + "ms", ofPoint(20, 60));

if(bFound) {
        tracker.draw(); //compiles if I comment this line. But nothing renders on screen. This lines throws "No member named 'draw' in 'ofxCv::FeaturesTrackerThreaded' error...

        ofDrawBitmapString(getRTMatInfos(rotObjToCam, transObjToCam), 20, 500);
    if(bDrawWithCV) drawUsingCV();
    else drawUsingGL();