ofxCvContourFinder vs ofxCv::ContourFinder

Hi, I am very new to Openframeworks…

I would like to understand if there is any difference between ofxCvContourFinder and ofxCv::ContourFinder…



I was just going to post this exact topic!

I have the feeling that ofxCv::ContourFinder has cleaner syntax and more methods, so I’m leaning toward that one just being more useful, but curious to hear what more experienced users have.

Hi, these are quite different, although both wrap opencv’s countour finder. I like better ofxCv and I would recomment it over ofxOpenCv. I actually dont use at all ofxOpenCv. ofxCv is way much more flexible and easier to use, I think, it is a more modern approach also. Indeed, ofxCv will eventually become part of the core addons.
Also, ofxCv has a lot more examples that are really good and useful.

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