ofxCvContourFinder tracking blob

Hi all
I’ve not found a clear modern way to track blob in openframework


blob[i] is different in each frame … so it can’t be tracked
I’ve found old post but no clear example or solution

Is someone has a working example ?

Check out ofxCv by Kyle McDonald. There is an example of doing this.

You should try to implement a solution yourself. Keep a record of the previous frames blobs, and compare all the new blobs to each in the previous frame, assigning a “best match” for each blob in the new list. A best match could be based on centroid position and a threshold for movement (like described above), or it could be a combination of factors (velocity, area, etc)

thanks a lot
I will try this addon an apply the method you described

You can also use this addon witht he ofxOpenCv :