ofxCvColorImage draw() produces blank white image

So I just downloaded and compiled openframeworks examples on codeblocks on my win 8.
all seems fine and all the examples are running.

but in the opencvExample and others where an ofxCvColorImage object’s draw() function is called the draw() produces blank white with the res of the image.

I haven’t modified the example code. just compiled it. i know the image is read because it’s being processed and I can see the contourfinder print the blobs in the image.

for (int i = 0; i < contourFinder.nBlobs; i++){  

produces blobs.

I’ve attached the screen shot to make things clear.


this is the file in the example project im compiling.

hope someone out there knows how to fix this issue.

maybe an issue with quicktime? Quicktime works fine out of this examples? and did you receive some error message in the console?

My quicktime is the latest version 7.7.2
No, I don’t get any messages on the console.

Do you have also this issue with live video ?

Yes. even with it.

here are two similar threads having the same issue.