for a project some time ago i needed to control brightness and contrast of images.
After searching i found that this is implemented in the OpenCv port for Processing/Java, so searching the source i made this little addon that applies brightness and contrast transformations to ofxOpenCv images.

it can be downloaded here: ruicode.googlecode.com

the original OpenCv Processing and Java library can be downloaded here http://ubaa.net/shared/processing/opencv/

i think this is a super useful filter and maybe could be implemented in a future release of the ofxOpenCv addon.

cheers :slight_smile:


Brilliant!!! Works really well and super fast to implement! thx for sharing…

super !

just a quick note that this is implemented in 0.061, ofxCvGrayscaleImage:


take care!!

yes it does! all merit goes to the OpenCV Processing library, i just adapted a little. :slight_smile:

Its great that it is included in the addon. but why grayscale images only? It works for color images as well.



oh yeah, I have no idea why just grayscale :slight_smile: good point!

Hi Rui.

Thanks for this addon.
It works great.

I tried using the build in ofxCvGrayscaleImage option ( grayImg.brightnessContrast(100,100) ) but it crashes.

so i am happy to have your addon.


Same here, the brightnessContrast() in the newer ofxOpenCV crashes

“bad argument (unrecognized or unsupported array type) in function cvSetData, .\cxarray.cpp(1134)”