ofxCV, ofxOpenCV, OpenCV and openFrameworks

Hi everybody,
This is a really noobie question, but I am feeling really confused around so many “open” possibilities.
I want to used OpenCV methods thorugh openframeworks: Canny filters, corner detection etc…
It is my understading that ofxOpenCV is the addon to be used. But I have found that many methods do not responf to ofxOpenCV but ofxCV if I understand it properlly.
So my first question is: what is the difference between ofxCv and ofxOpenCV? Is ofxOpenCV built over ofxCV?
My second questions: which is the best way to get ot all OpenCV methods through openframeworks?
And last but not least: how can I find out what OpenCV methods are available thorugh the appropiate add on?

Many thanks everybody!

Brief summary:

  • ofxOpenCv comes with openFrameworks, and is the addon the examples in openFrameworks/examples will use. It’s the oldest option, and uses the old OpenCv C API.
  • ofxCv is newer, and what I’d recommend you use. It’s actively maintained and wraps the modern OpenCv C++ API. If you run into general OpenCv examples online, these will likely also be using the C++ API as well. You’ll need to get ofxCv yourself from https://github.com/kylemcdonald/ofxCv and put it in your addons folder. If you’re using the openframeworks version on github (not 0.8.4) you’ll want to use the “develop” branch of ofxCv
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That makes it clear :smile:. Solved.