ofxCV not compiling

why when i replace empty project with mine,opencv library in OF is not recognized and cannot find it to compile.

I would guess that ofxCV, like ofxOpenCV, has a number of other dll’s etc that it needs to link.
To clarify, what are the exact steps that you are taking with the new project ?
Are you duplicating and modifying the example file? Is the example file compiling?

yes I modifying a empty example project.
He is compiling with no problems.
It seem to me,empty project is not linked with the addons that i need,and that is the reason when i modify the project with mine the addons is missing because example is not linked with it.


For some addons, particularly the OpenCV ones, since they have a lot of linked libraries already, its best to duplicate the example file for that addon, not just the empty example. Theo explains it in this video:


So… try to duplicate the example file and modify that into your project…

Also not that ofxCv needs the binary libs from ofxOpenCv. From your shot it looks like you are using ofxOpenCv not ofxCv.