ofxCv macro error on X11

I have not. No worries. Glad you are helping here.

Right, as the issue is with openCv, there is not much to be done. But maybe having a script that gets to run on the affected platforms and modifies that single openCv file.
or maybe even ignore that the stitching files in ofxOpenCv.

i could 't find any acceptable way to fix the xlib macro issue
in OF ofxOpenCv addon makefiles.

The easy way is to provide a bash script as a temporally workaround.

To keep compatibility between releases the script detects the board (raspberrypi) and eventually if is needed the OpenCV version.

The script also need elevated privileges, so the best integration is probably the install_dependecies.sh script.

  OPEN_CV_VERSION=$(/usr/bin/opencv_version)   # use if useful
  if [[ $(uname -a) == *"raspberrypi"* ]]; then
       HAVE_OPENCV_STITCHING=`grep "#define HAVE_OPENCV_STITCHING" /usr/include/opencv4/opencv2/opencv_modules.hpp`
       if [[ ${HAVE_OPENCV_STITCHING:0:7} == $"#define" ]]; then
          sed -i 's/\<Status\>/EnumStatus/' /usr/include/opencv4/opencv2/stitching.hpp


RIght, I was thinking about a bash script of some sort.
I think that this is the correct script where to add it.

It would be great if you can add to the script, check that it works fine and create a pull request for it.

all the best!

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