ofxCV contour getAge


I am working with the great ofxcv addon to get contours.

Is there a way to get the age of a label? I am using contourFinder.getLabel(i) to get’s label index but now i want to know how long this label has been alive.

I saw that tracker.h has a getAge() function but it might be just to see if this contour has been alive long enough to get a label.


sorry… the metaphor was that the object is “young” while it’s on the screen, and only grows “old” when you lose track of it. now that i think about your interpretation, i think my naming is wrong.

there’s nothing inside Tracker that tells you how old an object is, but if you want to add it as a feature i would merge that. if you can think of a way to do it that changes “age” to the definition that you were expecting, that would be even better.

i’m very curious to hear what you think about Tracker, because i wrote it for one kind of specific situation that was a kind of limited testing case. i know it has good performance (can handle a lot of objects) but i’m not sure that the interface has solidified yet.

i am slowly understanding ofxcv better and better. and yes i like it a lot and it seems to be very fast.

the tracker is great, especially because i can get blob labels, can do convexhull etc.

about the age.
i implemented a simple counter for each label and only increase it if it exists.

just had to deal with the issue of blob age again.
and i noticed a flaw in my thinking, because the oldest blob is always the one with the lowest label number.
at least in my case where one object it tracked all the time and new blobs (noise or people’s heads) enter and leave the frame once in a while.

i’m going through ofxCv right now and making some changes… i’ve added this to my list of issues. i’ll probably change the meaning of getAge() so it’s intuitive, and then add something else like getTimeSinceSeen() or similar. sorry :frowning: