Ofxcv cannot compile in emscripten

If I compile ofxcv in emscripten
I got error

its output is this
/media/kokawa2003/2ef39caa-192e-4e36-8eed-1919c6c9791f/openFrameworks//addons/ofxCv/libs/ofxCv/src/Helpers.cpp:49:7: error:
use of undeclared identifier ‘glMultMatrixf’; did you mean ‘ofMultMatrix’?
glMultMatrixf((GLfloat*) matrix.getPtr());
/media/kokawa2003/2ef39caa-192e-4e36-8eed-1919c6c9791f/openFrameworks//libs/openFrameworks/graphics/ofGraphics.h:1160:6: note:
‘ofMultMatrix’ declared here
void ofMultMatrix (const float *m);
1 error generated.
ERROR:root:compiler frontend failed to generate LLVM bitcode, halting

So I temporary fix by
in helper.cpp
void applyMatrix(const ofMatrix4x4& matrix) {
//glMultMatrixf((GLfloat*) matrix.getPtr());
please tell me correct fix code.
Should I use ofMultMatrix?

I know oopenframwwork’s header ofConstants.h don’t include glew.h in emscripten .why?

yes glMultMatrix is very old opengl that is not supported on webgl just use ofMulMatrix instead

Thank you .
I fixed it in my code.