ofxCv camera calibration example raises exception

I am trying to get a .yml calibration file with the camera calibration example from ofxCv addon of kylemcdonald.

When I present the chessboard to the camera the program raises an exception.

The problem cames when calling the method:

When the chessboard is present in the cam image, then the call to:
bool found = findBoard(img, pointBuf);
returns “true” and then the next instruction:
makes the program to raise an exception.

I am under windows 7 with CB and the settings.yml file is as default:
xCount: 7
yCount: 10
squareSize: 2.5
patternType: 0

Has anybody any idea of what to check to find out the problem?

Hey eduardo, I would suggest you open an issue on github where Kyle is more likely to see it