ofxCubeMap for Video frames


Somewhat newer to OF but have used C++ and Touch before, have some familiarity with graphics libraries.

I’ve started a fork of the ofxCubeMap as it doesn’t look maintained and the underlying API seems to have drifted a bit (calling the wrong data for the char values it needs on load())

Looking at the best way to rewrite this and curious if there’s any interest/if anyone else has already gone down this road. I’m looking to render video into a cubemap.

I’ve already done this procedurally in a sketch project using a C++ shared/unique to video.getPixels().getData() and then passing that to the glTexImage2D() call.

Would everyone prefer a rewrite of the addon or maybe just a fork with a new function for loading video? It looks like the original addon couples allocation with updating the image data (makes sense if you’re calling it once for a still image) but this doesn’t work for video, so in my code I’ve separated the gentexture and the updating of the texture data.

Also, if anyone’s also more familiar with the ofVideoPlayer, it looks like you can set it to use a texture, ideally we could just pass this texture reference to the Cubemap bind as well (maybe skip a CPU step?), although I’m not sure what format the player allocates by default (Anyone who’s worked with this at this level before, let me know! I’m going to do some testing)

Tl;dr: Is there any interest in this addon being updated? I’m happy with my procedural code for this project, but am willing to put in a bit of work to extend/update the original addon if this would be useful to anyone else!

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In recent nightly versions you can find the object ofCubeMap in OF Core, thanks to @NickHardeman .
You can find the source in libs/openFrameworks/gl/ofCubeMap.h



Taking a look, is there somewhere that in-progress changes are documented between stable and nightly? It wasn’t obvious searching the forums that the addon is deprecated/being replaced by the nightly build, and it does look like I’d be doing a lot of potential replication updating the addon!

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Yes, maybe there is some page missing explaining better the differences. a new release is about to happen in the next few weeks. There is a quick note on openframeworks site and a pinned issue on github also. maybe it is good to document somewhere the nightly or 0.12.0 changes

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Yeah, as someone less familiar with the legacy of the project it looked like I should be working against .11.2 (or whatever the latest stable was that I downloaded)

A simple pin with some highlights of big changes to come or similar might be helpful to point people towards the nightly if they are working with something that’s going to have a breaking change/major improvement. I’d just assumed stable was all I needed as it looked like cubemap was only an addon feature anway (assumed nightly might break it, ended up having to rewrite around it anyway due to the structuring)

Looking forward to seeing what’s coming! Already been compiling some examples from the nightly, and reading through the cubemap rework. It looks a lot better than the outdated addon so far, and I see some stuff for working with video in there.