ofxCoreImageDetector, detect/track features

hey guys I wrote a wrapper for apple’s CIDetector, this addon works for osx 10.9 . It allows you to detect/track faces,eyes,mouths,smiles,closed eyes,and face angles. It has really robust tracking if your camera can shoot 30 fps or more. In the future apple will expand to other features besides faces. You can find the addon here https://github.com/Ahbee/ofxCoreImageDetector.


Works great! Nice one @Ahbee

For folks who are not on OSX, I recently updated @theo’s Smile detector - it can be found here ofxSmile.

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i just want to let people know that i was able to run 5 simultaneous usb cams each with their own face tracker at 37 fps.
certainly a great addon.


@Ahbee do you think that coreImage can be set for maximum faces size?
I know i can just check the bounding box and reject that way. but i was wondering what other things can be set beside Accuracy and minFeatureSize.
In openCV one can set max min faces, rescale etc.


@stephanschulz as far as I can see I don’t think you can. https://developer.apple.com/library/ios//documentation/CoreImage/Reference/CIDetector_Ref/index.html