ofxCoreImage WIP

Hey all - currently working on ofxCoreImage that will leverage the 120+ built in image filters in OSX (you can preview all of them in quartz composer)

It’s my first addon and it’s in a rough state right now, but the functionality is there. I just wouldn’t use it in production if I were you…

Looking for advice on how to improve the state of it and maybe streamline the creation of additional filters. I need to look at making factories and also using ifdef’s to keep the obj-c in it’s place.

Also looking for people to test it and see how it holds up on different computer. I’m running 10.8.5 with a 2010 macbook pro and I’m getting ROI errors on some of the filters, but they dont happen as much on a newer machine. I think I need to crop some of my filters that have infinite bounds as well.

I’m still trying to work this out so it’s easy to include in standard projects…been breaking out my .h’s into .mm’s and im about halfway:

Does anyone have some words or good examples/articles to point me to to get my ifdef’s and stuff together so I can mix obj-c++ and c++. I find a lot of articles going the other way (mixing c++ into obj-c for iOS for example) but using obj-c++ within c++ is a different animal it seems

At the current state, i have to compile all my files as obj-c++ which gets weird when you add other addons

I’ve got my whole addon refactored and expanded to work without doing any project changes (aside from adding quartzcore)

Does anyone here have any clues about why coreimage works in a GLUT window but NOT in a glfw window? I assume its something with how the glcontext gets set up, but im not that familiar with that low level setup stuff - I get inconsistent errors when i try to run it inside a glfw window - everything from crashes, to a key not being found for a filter, to just things not drawing - different on each build

sorry can’t help but OS X filters sounds super interesting.
hope you will figure it out.