ofxConway added to ofFX addon

hi OF developers, I am very happy to present to you my first contibution to the community. This is an implementation of the Conway game of life. As the other effects inside ofFX, the computations are made by a fragment shader (GLSL) and pingpoing framebuffer. This is a first version, i think it can be improved. For example, adding more uniforms variables to choose the colors of live and dead cells, perhaps adding anti-aliasing, perhaps are not necessary 10 iterations in the ping-pong loop…). I don’t put immediately to the github @patriciogonzalesvivo repo because: first, i have no experience with it, I’m sorry, before i have to understand how to do. Second, this is my Christmas gift for you!
In the .zip file you will find two folder: ofxConwayFXexample and src. put the first folder somewhere in your openframework/apps/example and put the files inside src ( ofFX.h, ofxConway.cpp, ofxConway.h ) in your openframework/addons/ofFX/src. You will find only a codeblocks project for linux32 , because there are some issues with windows http://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/ofxfx-issue/8329/0 and i’m not a Mac user.
I’m working to others versions of Cellular automata, so there will be others added to ofFX!

Best regards and happy Christmas to all!


hi! just a minor thing: this is called coNway game of life… :wink:

uh! you are right @bilderbuchi i correct errors quickly!

Great Kalwalt! It’s works beautifully! Also lovely message for the community.
I’m adding it to the repo. But remember I add you as contribute user… so if you merge ofxFX and then push your changes you could start updating it by your self.

Happy Xmas for you to!

Also it could be great to have linux codeBlock projects on the other examples