ofxControlPanel Comments and Questions

Thanks to Theo for putting together ofxControlPanel and to everyone else who has contributed to make it what it is today.

I have had a great deal of success using this library on Windows using Code::Blocks and MINGW. If it would be helpful to anyone I have a simplified example Code::Blocks project that doesn’t require OpenCV.

Googling around I have found three repositories on Github. There is one under damiannz which looks like it has been merged into the ones under oftheo and vanderlin. I couldn’t find any differences between ofTheo and vanderlin. If anyone knows of any please let me know as I would like to start with the most up to date version.

In playing around with the library I have found a couple of things that seem that if they could be changed it might enhance the way the library works. In keeping with this being Opensource I wanted to see if the community using the software would be interested in discussing some of the things I was looking to tackle and also find out if there was anything that anyone else had looked at enhancing that I might be able to help with.

The first thing I was looking at was how columns work.

  1. It appears that when a panel is created the first column is always set to a width of 50.
  2. When you use the feature to create columns when you create a panel there isn’t a way to set a width and if you try and update the code with a different width it doesn’t seem to change anything.


Rockville, MD

I’ve been tinkering with ofxControlPanel to add editable/multi-line text blocks. Its partly working but I got a bit stalled on line wrapping. If I finish it I’d be happy to share the code but since it requires changes to a number of files along with a new class, I’m not clear about the best way to do that.

On a side note - is there not an existing GUI lib that can be used with/adapted to OF? Mainly interested in OSX right now.

I’d say get a github account, fork the repo, apply your changes, send him a pull request or just ask him what he thinks :slight_smile:
Easy beginner’s guide is to be found here: http://help.github.com/

You’d have to watch platform-compatibility, though. What good is an external GUI lib for, when e.g. only mac users can use it? Imho, better to have one adapted to oF, which works on every platform. Rumors say that there’s an “official” gui extension planned for 0070.

thanks - I really should try to figure out github (and learn what a “pull request” is… ;-))

@ x-platform compatibility - not really a concern for this current project though in general I’m all for multi-platform support. I’m just getting stalled reinventing (badly) the UI widget wheel…

Pull request are the method to let a dev whose (“upstream”) repository you forked know that you have some changes/fixes that would make sense he integrate into his repository. So you send him a list of the differences between his and your version. http://help.github.com/pull-requests/

Of course x-platform is no concern if you happen to be on the right platform. :stuck_out_tongue: On the other hand, there’s less people available who are able to help you with your problem/wish if it’s platform-specific…