ofxColorPicker missing argument list

I can create the other GUI elements (fields, sliders, button), but I don’t know how to create ofxColorPicker. Are there any examples on how to use it?

Hey I’m not sure about examples specifically for this, but I’m thinking that the ofxColorPicker is the gui field in an ofxPanel with the color-picker disc and the brightness slider. You could try an ofParameter for the color, and then add it to an ofxPanel, like this:

// in ofApp.h
ofParameter<ofColor> color;
ofxPanel gui;

// in ofApp::setup()
gui.add(color.set("color", ofColor(255, 0, 0), ofColor(0, 0, 0), ofColor(255 , 255, 255)));

// in ofApp::draw()

I’ve always used it (indirectly) in an ofxPanel and a bunch of other ofParameter types. Hope this helps!

Thank you! It works with ofParameter.