Hi, just finished putting down some barebones work on a nibless cocoa window addon that was inspired from Memo’s original.

Works in latest OF from github and GLEW.

I’m sure there are plenty of bugs, there are a few known problems, and a few things lacking in the basic implementation. FYI, this may or may not work pre OSX 10.6.

If there is any interest, here it is:

Hey, this looks great. Is there any possibility to customize the windows the same way Memo did in his original addon? I’m thinking of a transparent window type of thing.

Hmm, good idea. Probably with another init function in MyDelegate.mm that has more parameters for those options. I forget if transparency part of the NSWindow or NSView, might be both, but shouldn’t be hard to find and implement.

Think there is any interest in options for close-able, minimize, maximize button options; or, titlebar, title-less, drop shadow, etc?

hey slawson,
this is really good work.
im messing around with your example and trying to go fullscreen over two displays…
its only rendering to one at the moment but im having a poke around to see if i can work something out.
any suggestions are much appreciated.


Thanks, I’ll take a look.

Just now getting back to the forum, busy end of/start of year.


hey slawson,
i also created another version of the addon with fullscreen support.

the addon is based on one of apples fullscreen examples,


Cool. I was going to look at the OSXGLEssentials example from Apple and see if there was anything good in there.

Also, have you tried creating FBOs with your ofxCocoaWindow? Someone tested it on my and said it didn’t work. I took a look into it, and realized it was going to take a serious rewrite to correct.


yeah i used it on a big project which used quite a lot of FBOs and was working fine with OF 007.

Hi there!
I’ve just added Julapy’s ofxCocoaWindow addon to the app I’m currently working on and a strange thing happened: The window is started but nothing happens. It looks like it gets into an empty loop.
Any Ideas?
I’ve added the addon and used this on my main function:

ofxCocoaWindow cocoaWindow;
ofSetupOpenGL( &cocoaWindow, 1152,720, OF_WINDOW );
ofRunApp( new myApp(&cocoaWindow) );

Do I need any special code on my myApp (inherits from ofBaseApp) class?

Dear slawson,

I really like the ofxCocoaWindowNibless addon. The only reason for me to not use at the time is the lack of drag&drop support. I noticed it is mentioned as future work. I checked the github and noticed the last changes to ofxCocoaWindowNibless have been made quite some time ago… so I was wondering whether this addon is still ‘alive’…

Best regards and thanks for any updates about the addon,