ofxCanon : Installation on Windows

I’m very new to openFrameworks and I want to write software to grab photos from a Canon camera. Roxlu’s ofxCanon seems to be the right place to start, but currently it comes with instructions for Mac users only. I spent a few hours today trying to run it on Windows with CodeBlocks. It’s not that complicated, but I wrote down a few steps that might save some time for someone (and me) in the future. My intention was to send it to the author of the addon, but I couldn’t find a way to contact him, so I’m sharing it here:


Installation on Windows

  1. Download ofxCanon files from https://github.com/roxlu/ofxCanon. Optional: unzip the files in /addons/ofxCanon

  2. Apply for a Canon Developers account and download the SDK (e.g. EDSDKv2.8.zip)

  3. Create a new openFrameworks project by duplicating apps/myApps/emptyExample

  4. Open the project in CodeBlocks (v. 10.05)

  5. Click on Project > Build Options…

  6. Make sure to select your project name on the left, not release or debug, then click on the tab Search directories

  7. Click on Add and search for the ofxCanon/src folder (e.g. …\addons\ofxCanon\src)

  8. Click on Add again and search for the EDSDK/Header folder (e.g. …\canon\EDSDKv2.8\EDSDK\Header)

  9. Move to the Linker settings tab, click on Add and search for the EDSDK.lib file (e.g. …\canon\EDSDKv2.8\EDSDK\Library\EDSDK.lib)

  10. Optional: if you want to see the source files in your project, click on Project > Add files recursively… and add both ofxCanon/src and EDSDK/Header. More info: http://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/adding-code,-include-paths–addons-in-cb/3090/0

  11. Copy the files from EDSDK/Dll to myApps//bin

  12. Refer to ofxCanon/example to test your project.

what you can do is add this info to the readme - press “edit” on the upper right corner of this page https://github.com/roxlu/ofxCanon/blob/simple/readme.txt (it will fork automatically etc). when you’re finished, a pull request is sent to roxlu’s repository automatically, and he can merge it into his addon.

Good suggestion. Just did that. Thanks.

Hello, i tried your little tuto,and it wont work…
I’ve checked if my Canon 1000D is supported on canon esdk 2.8, and it is.

I’ve done everything you said here, but i got some compilation problem.

Are you sure u said everything up to install that canon SDK for open frameworks ? :confused: